Friday, November 7, 2014

Little Women

The book Little Women has 47chapters!  It took me months to read it.
The name of the person who wrote it is Louisa May Alcott. 
  The book was about a family and their dad was at war. The girls names are Meg,Jo,Amy and Beth. 
One day they found out there was a young gentlemen living next door in his grandfather's  house. 
His name is Laurie (the Laurence boy). Then the next day Meg and Jo got an invitation to a party. 
At the party Jo was shy so she went to a room were she thought no one was. Then someone said hi. She turned around there standing was the Laurence boy.So they talked  the rest of the night.  
(and I can't tell the  whole story so I will skip to the end.)
Meg has twins and Jo is dating. The best part is their dad is home! 


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