Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Candies: A poem by Maddie

Candy canes 
Gum drops
I love to eat
These tasty treats

What great stuff 
I just got to eat it up

Winter: a poem by Maddie

Sparkling piles of snow
Icicles dripping
Cold winter day
Wishing for May

Sleigh bells ringing 
Sleigh rides waiting
Snow ball fights
Sparkly Christmas lights

fall: A Poem by Maddie Bower


No snow
Wind pounding on my face
Rainy weather
Very cold
No fun for anyone
Branches bare
Leaves everywhere

Roll of Thunder,Hear My Cry

This book starts out with Cassie and her brothers Stacey,Christopher - John and Little man (whose real name is Clayton Chester) walking to school. The main point of the book is that the Logan family is sure that no matter what happens they can be happy if they have their land.  They live during a time of racism, which means people hating people because of their skin colors.  The scariest part of the book was when TJ got beaten really badly because he was being a robber.  He was good at first but he met the Simmons boys and went out committing crimes.  Another scary part was when the Logan's field caught on fire at that moment by lightening.  

I feel like this book made me happy and sad.  I would tell others to read it because it is one of the best books I have ever read.  It got his title because Cassie cries at the end, for the land and for TJ.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Big Sisters By: Jude

Big sisters are annoying
They take your toys
They poop their pants
They don't like boys

Big Sisters are bossy
They tell you what to do
They stomp up the stairs
They smell like poo

Big Sisters are silly
They do funny things
They push my buttons 
And pull our strings

Little Brothers: A Poem by Maddie

Little Brothers are obnoxious.
Mine drives me crazy.
They are so bad,
And so lazy.

Little Bothers stomp their feet
And they make faces
And the stink up your room
And other places

Little Brothers are awful
They are never good
They never clean their room
Like Mom says they should

Little Brothers are stinky
They never take a bath
Their armpits smell like onions
It always makes me laugh.

Wedding by Maddie Bower. (short story)

The wedding day was here.  It was in a garden of roses. There were beautiful sheets of green vines.  One could hear the magnificent birds singing.  There was a carpet of red, orangle and purple flowers.  There was the Bride, walking like a Princess down the aisle towards her handsome man.  He was smiling the biggest smile anyone ever saw.  His hair was black and short, and his eyes were staring dreamily at his bride.  

They were a perfect couple, they had been together since they were 20.  10 years they had waited for this day, and it was a marvelous sight.  

When she got to him she whispered 'I love you, Noah.'
He said, 'I love you too, Juliet.'

The said yes to the preacher when he asked them if they took each other as husband and wife.
Then in a flash it was time for the reception.  They jumped happily into a white carriage pulled by horses.  

The time went by quickly, and sadly the wedding was done.  

Their carriage took them to the dock where their ship was waiting.
They boarded the ship for their honeymoon.  Their destination was England.

They knew they would have a wonderful life because they would be together.  

By Maddie, with help from Mom and a Thesaurus ;)

Christmas: A Poem by Maddie Bower

When it's Christmas I see the tree
Presents underneath
Waiting to be opened
And I smell gingerbread baking
And I hear bells ringing and paper tearing off of presents
The snow is sparkling outside
It looks like piles of diamonds
Or a wedding dress
The sky is cloudy with snow falling softly

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This book is about a garden that was dead and came alive again with Mary and Dickon's help and some magic.  The thing I liked best about the garden is that it is like a fairy tale, and I like to day dream about what it might look like.  This book is so great that I could read it over and over again.  

What it means to have a family

I love my family and they love me
It is great to have a family 
We do fun things together 
I can't tell how much I love them
because its a lot

Friday, November 7, 2014

Little Women

The book Little Women has 47chapters!  It took me months to read it.
The name of the person who wrote it is Louisa May Alcott. 
  The book was about a family and their dad was at war. The girls names are Meg,Jo,Amy and Beth. 
One day they found out there was a young gentlemen living next door in his grandfather's  house. 
His name is Laurie (the Laurence boy). Then the next day Meg and Jo got an invitation to a party. 
At the party Jo was shy so she went to a room were she thought no one was. Then someone said hi. She turned around there standing was the Laurence boy.So they talked  the rest of the night.  
(and I can't tell the  whole story so I will skip to the end.)
Meg has twins and Jo is dating. The best part is their dad is home! 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gone-Away Lake. by: Elizabeth Enright

I just finished Gone Away Lake and there is a girl, Portia, who goes to her cousin's house for the summer and they find a old place called Gone Away Lake!  Then they hear a radio so they follow the sound and they meet a nice old woman named Minniehaha. The point of this book is there an old place, and they want to bring it back to life.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saige (American Girl Series) By Jessie Haas

This book is about a girl named Saige and when she starts school there will be no art. When she heard   that they would not be doing art she was very sad because she really liked art. After school Saige when to Mimi's house to paint. Then she went home. Days later Mimi fell in her art studio broke arm and femer!  When it was time for the parade Saige was nervous. But the parade went well!

I like this book because I like art and horses , Saige is nice and loving.  I hope to read more of these books.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Busy Times

In this book there are four kids their names are Andrew , Peter , Rachel and Miriam.  One day their  mom said that they could go to their friend's house because their mom , dad ,  big brother and baby sister were leaving . Their names are Levi and Susan. When they were there they had a good time. Then after a while they went home. 

Days after that they got a goat cart then their friends came over to play and the boys broke the rule and hooked a little Cow.  the cow broke the cart, and they got in big trouble. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

School is Done!

School is done for the year, we're still going to keep up with a few things over the summer-but not full school everyday.  hooray!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pocahontas and the Strangers

Pocahontas is an Indian girl who gets to see a white man at first they are scared of the English men then they think they are nice and Pocahontas meats a man named John Smith!  But soon John Smith died because they had gun powder and the ship caught fire and he was on it and he died!  Then later a man named John Rolfe met her and later she got married!  

Naya Nuki

Naya Nuki's tribe was called Shoshoni.  Her best friend is Sacajawea!  Their tribe was on a buffalo hunt 
when they where atacked by a different tribe and Naya Nuki,Sacajawea and other children and women. Soon Naya Nuki makes a plan to escape, but Sacajawea gets bought by a white man!
So Naya Nuki gos alone and after a long journey she gets home!

I like this book because it's about an Indian girl.  I like books about Indians.
I always enjoy indian books!  

Wizard of Oz Movie

Mom and Dad let us stay up late last night and watch Wizard of Oz.  I thought the red slippers were very pretty. My favorite character was the good witch her dress is the pretties dress I ever saw!  My favorite part was when the good witch said are you a good witch or a bad witch?  Then Dorthey said I'm not a witch at all!  I wonder how they made the witch melt. The lion is funny and so is the scarecrow and the metal man is the funniest.  

This was a very good movie!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Anne of Green Gables

This book is about Anne, she was an orphan nd a couple wanted a boy but adopted her.  She talks a lot like me, she gets used to Green Gables. She meets a nice girl names Diana.  They are best friends and walk home from school together. Anne's life is good at green gable. 

I like this book because Anne is a good girl 

Meet Samantha Book One

Samantha is a girl who was raised by her Grandma.   she makes friends and learns lessons from her Grandma.  Samantha is a good character because she is playful and nice.  I like this book.

Hello, Mrs Piggle Wiggle

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is a lady who has cures for bad habits.she can cure show offs., crybabies bullies and people who whisper and slow pokes.  She is like a babysitter with kids who come to her house after school.  My favorite one is the crybaby cause there's a girl who cries a lot and it's funny.  My other favorite is the slow poke cause he is super slow and he pretends he's from an island.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In Grandma's Attic

This book is about a girl named Arleta.  This book does not talk about Arleta's parents, but it tells about her grandma.  Her grandma tells very good stories about her childhood.  For example, she tells of one time when it was dark she was told to empty the wash bucket, but she was scared of the dark. So she was going to throw it, but just then her father walked around the corner and she didn't know then she threw it then BANG!  She hit her dad with it!  Then her mom came to see what happened.
Then she was sent to bed early.

It is one of the best books I have ever read.  

The Boxcar Children #1

The boxcar children made a home in an old boxcar. Their oldest brother found a job.
They were having a nice time, but after a while the second sister got sick.  So they took 
her to the doctor.  Soon she was well and the children found their grandfather and lived with him
because their parents were dead.  they were happy they had their grandfather.  

I really enjoy this book it might be a little sad, but it gets better.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Why I loveLaura Ingall's Wilder Books

Laura is a country girl.  She is nice, likes hiking and likes to play.  I enjoy these books.  I am reading The long winter.  So far they have had a bad winter.  It lasted til April.  Mary is blind because she got
sick along time ago.  Laura's family is happy that the winter is over.  They had a big problem, they were running out of food because the train was not coming till spring.  Then two boys went to find
food and they came back with 60 bushels of wheat.  That helped a lot of people.  Then one morning
it was spring and they were happier then happy. 

What it means to have a Father -a poem

I have a father, he is fun to be with.  
I love him very much.
He fixes things for us and makes stuff.
He puts up a tent for us in the summer.
He teaches us about the bible. 
But there is a father who is
greater -He is God. 
They are both good.


Books Read This Year (So Far)

Maddie will be journaling about the books she reads in the future, for now here's what she already read.

The BIBLE..  NIV  Daily Reading and Devotionals.

American Girl Series:
Addy Saves the Day
Very Funny, Elizabeth
Samantha's Surprise (favorite because she gets a doll in this book)

Childhood of Famous Americans

Thomas A. Edison
Jim Thorpe
Elizabeth Blackwell
Louisa May Alcott

Laura Ingalls Wilder Series
Little House on the Prairie
On the Banks of Plum Creek
Little House in the Big Woods
Farmer Boy

Babysitter's Club Series Books 1,2,3,4

The Pilgrims Brave Settlers of Plymouth

Classic Starts:
The Little Princess

Wisdom and the Millers Proverbs for Children

Island of the Blue Dolphins (BEST BOOK EVER.)

The Trumpet of the Swan

Mr. Revere and I

North American Indians

Little Women

and selected stories from
Reading: Imagine That!
Reading: Picture This!
Reading Street, Indiana
Don't Forget to Fly
Harcourt Trophies

and selected poetry.

First Post!

This is the first post on the page!  We'll be catching up soon by adding all the books Madelyn has read so far... Then she'll start her maiden voyage in blogging!