Monday, December 8, 2014

Wedding by Maddie Bower. (short story)

The wedding day was here.  It was in a garden of roses. There were beautiful sheets of green vines.  One could hear the magnificent birds singing.  There was a carpet of red, orangle and purple flowers.  There was the Bride, walking like a Princess down the aisle towards her handsome man.  He was smiling the biggest smile anyone ever saw.  His hair was black and short, and his eyes were staring dreamily at his bride.  

They were a perfect couple, they had been together since they were 20.  10 years they had waited for this day, and it was a marvelous sight.  

When she got to him she whispered 'I love you, Noah.'
He said, 'I love you too, Juliet.'

The said yes to the preacher when he asked them if they took each other as husband and wife.
Then in a flash it was time for the reception.  They jumped happily into a white carriage pulled by horses.  

The time went by quickly, and sadly the wedding was done.  

Their carriage took them to the dock where their ship was waiting.
They boarded the ship for their honeymoon.  Their destination was England.

They knew they would have a wonderful life because they would be together.  

By Maddie, with help from Mom and a Thesaurus ;)

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