Friday, July 17, 2015

A Story by Maddie

Once in the land of Rosehail three little girls were born. Each from different families.
One was born to a couple as their first child they named her Madeline. 
The second baby was named Madelyn, she was the second family's fourth child and the last family named her Madison she was third child they became  best friends but one day that all changed, Madison's family died in a car accident but she survived it. She was put in an orphanage. 
One day a greedy woman adopted her.  The woman's name was Ganna. She was greedy,rude and she100% selfish. She already had a girl working her name was Martha,she thought that Misstress Ganna was 300%selfish! One day Madison and Martha made a plan to run away. That night they got away and when they got home,they saw Madeline and Madelyn. They lived at Madeline's house and lived happily.

                                                                  The End

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